BRIGHT people stand out in a crowd. It's mainly because of their adorable fashion choices, smart ideas, and responsible actions. The safety vest BRIGHT HUG is created for BRIGHT city cyclists. With awarded Lithuanian designers, we have combined style, safety, and sustainability.

Do you agree that ENVIRONMENT is a tremendous part of the cycling happiness? For instance, I am always glad and grateful when I feel the wind in my hair, the warmth of the sun on my skin and the scents of grass and trees after the rain. Therefore, we would like the BRIGHT HUG to remind you to notice and appreciate the NATURE you see around. And the rest will follow - we are all keen to preserve what we adore. :)

We have thought of all important aspects:

SAFETY - The vest design and materials matches ISO 20471 requirements for class 1 garments (which means you’ll be moving very safely where traffic velocity is ≤60 km/h).

SUSTAINABILITY – We looked for the sustainable solutions throughout the whole product life cycle.

+ Our design enables waste minimization.

+ Quality materials chosen prolongs the usage (for instance, in comparison to ordinary high visibility safety vests BRIGHT HUG‘s night visibility qualities lasts over 3 times longer and if you wash your BRIGHT HUG once a year – one vest is enough for a life time).

+ We produce locally and we deliver in recyclable (paper) packaging.

QUALITY, STYLE and COMFORTMinimalist design will fit every clothing style. Adjustable size, quality production is delivered in Lithuania. By the way, let us know, how many of your friends have recognized the lighthouse on the back of the safety vest.