BRIGHT HUG is the first project of the sustainability initiative PERVILK. We promote responsible consumption with a sustainable product that is also comfortable, well designed and practical.


There are places that we keep returning to in order to recharge and become better versions of ourselves. A small resort village on Lithuanian coast - Pervalka – is definitely one of those places full of peace, joy and beauty.

For some the name ‘Pervalka’ evokes the times when locals used to drag their boats over sand dunes from the Curonian Lagoon to the Baltic Sea and back, with the pulsing of the seasons and seagulls’ screams in the air. Moreover, the village itself originated from the residents who shifted their homes in order to retreat from the moving sand dunes. So for them, ‘PERVILK’ was a call for an ambitious physical activity that was vital in adapting to changing environmental circumstances.

On the other hand, in Lithuanian language ‘PERVILK’ also refers to the opportunity of a gentle act to clothe other person. For instance, by offering a child dry pants or a sweater, you can protect them from moisture and cold. In a similar way, you can enhance a loved one’s visibility on the road by offering quality safety clothing. 

By the way, the lighthouse on the back of the safety vest is also the lighthouse of Pervalka.

For us ‘PERVILK’ means bright sustainable solutions (like BRIGHT HUG).